Outdoor School

Program Philosophy

The perfect class is where our hands, feet, and minds are immersed in our subject. By providing interactive learning opportunities that capture the imagination and creativity your students are introduced to Nature as a fascinating place to explore and study. Our trained staff will encourage your students to discover the wonders of the natural world for themselves through experiences and discovery sessions that stress individual achievement and learning.

The Site

Situated on three hundred acres of meadows, forests, streams, and ponds our program has a diverse range of classrooms to use. Easy access to the Appalachian Trail and other natural attractions allows us to offer a wide range of activities and classes. Our Nature Center serves as the center of our education programs. Mt. Aetna Camp also has twenty heated cabins, a dining hall, outdoor ampohitheater, and recreation facilities to cater to your needs.

This Year's Theme

Every year at Mt. Aetna Summer Camp we choose a theme. This year's theme is CALLED.